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Rajiv Sankarlall is a South Florida based photographer, with several years of experience in covering everything from nature photography around the globe to working in the concrete jungle capturing the highest level corporate events

Whether its headshots, Events, Artistic concepts, Properties or Any other photographic situation!
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Have you ever been to <a href="">Qatar</a>?
Folklore is the historical repository in which people maintain their predecessors' traditions, arts, images of their social lives, ideals and values, amid all calm and warlike times, as well as joys and tragedies.
That is, by crystallizing it into songs and poems that maintain its glory, or by passing it down through folk dances and dances from generation to generation.
Qatar has a rich folk tradition derived from its forefathers, which may be seen in a variety of ways, including:
Al-Ardah is a popular hue in <a href="">Qatar</a> that is only worn by men on special occasions such as weddings.
Al-Razif: It is a folklore dance form that is distinctive to the Qatari people in every way.
Young and elderly share a contract where it is conducted collectively, and they wear traditional Qatari garb while wielding swords.
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